Choose Your Future. Choose Life. Or Choose Not to Choose.

Cult film fans would immediately recognize these lines from Danny Boyle’s hit cult film, Trainspotting. The movie is based on Irvine Welsh’s novel of the same title, and was released back in 1996. Trainspotting has become a classic among cult film circles because of its defiance to social and cinematic convention during the time of its release.

With explicit portrayals of crime, drugs, and sex, Trainspotting was considered by a lot of young people as a perfect example of those “screw censorship films,” hence, the increased “coolness” factor. Trainspotting follows the story of Mark Renton (played by Ewan McGregor) and his four friends, who all have their own dysfunctional quirks but share the common desire to live meaningless, hedonistic lives.

For Renton, to choose life is to choose a traditional and caged way of living — married with kids, and working a nine to five job to get as much material possessions as possible. For Renton and his friends, these are all insignificant. What’s more important to them is to live blissfully from day to day, and be free to do whatever they want. Renton and his friends’ attempts at heroine sobriety proved to be futile, they ended up right back where they started — a life of stealing and drugs. The turning point of their drug use was the death of their friend’s baby daughter, which was caused by their negligence during one drug session. Renton overdoses on heroin, gets admitted into rehab, gets into a few more mishaps, but eventually goes on to live a normal life for himself.

Trainspotting is appreciated by film circles not so much for the tightness and flow of the plot, but rather for its no-holds-barred portrayal of a life of crime and drugs. This Trainspotting picture poster is ideal for cult film enthusiasts and those whose philosophy resembles that of Renton’s — of choosing not to choose among the dictates of society and living your life the way you want to.


Trainspotting Poster

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